Letter from Chris

Greetings everyone.

During my occasional ventures out of my home during the last week, my eye kept being caught by small faces appearing in windows, although in some houses you really have to hunt them out because they are quite small faces. I am of course referring to the current pandemic activity of putting teddy bears in house windows. Some people have gone to great lengths to display their bears but I did feel sorry for two little creatures, those friends of Christopher Robin, Piglet and Eeyore who were sandwiched together in a small gap in a fence – they looked decidedly uncomfortable although they were still both smiling. I also have an elderly bear avidly watching the street from my lounge window.

On Thursday I took part in a video conference involving ministers within Presbytery Central – ministers from Gisborne and New Plymouth through to Wellington. It seems that most are coping well, at this stage anyway with the majority doing as we are using telephone trees to stay in contact with each other. There is considerable variation however to the approach to worship. Some have taken the view that this is an opportunity to share in others worship through the Internet. With this in mind last week I provided the Takeaway Taking Flight service. This week I have provided a St Margaret’s order of service that will be emailed to parishioners.  A selection of other services follows on our Worship Resource page.

Don’t forget Day Light Saving ends Sunday morning but you can relax….there is no chance you will be late for Church this time!!!

Blessings and may your bubbles be filled with God’s Spirit.


Rev Chris Rosanowski

As we celebrate remember Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, we celebrate and shout, “Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.  Hosanna.”

We will be looking at other ways of providing worship material for people to use at home and ways we can all keep in touch with our church family, so watch the website and Facebook for updates if you can

If you are worried or need help, please contact your elder or any of the people below:

Rev. Chris Rosanowski 971 7530
Marilyn Anderson 527 8601
Shirley Main 528 2636
Sheryn Jacques 021936067
Pat Lerwill 938 0374
Delena West 977 6338
Ruth Mackinder 5286825

“There is nothing in all creation that can separate us from the love of God”  Romans 8:39

We seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community.

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