We seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community.


  • Afternoon Fellowship – 1st Wednesday of the month 1:30pm
  • Evening Fellowship – 2nd Wednesday of the month 7:30pm
  • Friendship Group – Mondays 10am
  • Pause (previously Time Out) – once a term
  • Sunday School – 10am Sundays
  • Youth Group – watch this space
  • Play Group -10am Thursdays during term time
  • Messy Church – once a term Friday evening
  • Girls’ Brigade – Tuesday evenings

Upcoming Events

Our hearts go out to all Muslim communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, We pray that the families in Christchurch find peace and comfort as they mourn their loved ones. May all people of goodwill work towards promoting peace and love to counter those who promote hatred. May God bless you.


St Margaret’s Church, Dunns Street, Silverstream
Saturday 27 April 10am - 1pm
wet or fine
A wide variety of goods, new and pre-loved, including:
Clothing, Manchester, Marmalades, Jams
Soups, Toys, Books, Puzzles and a Fabulous Cafe
Let's make winter more BEARABLE with warm
WEARABLE clothing and good EDIBLE foods
(Please bring your own bags)

For a full list of events and activities, see the calendar at the back of this month's newsletter.