May the spirit of hope, joy, peace and love surround us all throughout 2020.

We seek to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community.


  • Afternoon Fellowship – 1st Wednesday of the month 1:30pm
  • Evening Fellowship – 2nd Wednesday of the month 7:30pm
  • Friendship Group – Mondays 10am
  • Sunday School – 10am Sundays
  • Youth Group – 10am Sundays during term time
  • Play Group -10am Thursdays during term time
  • Girls’ Brigade – Tuesday evenings

Upcoming Events

Youth Group 2 Feb 10am
Sunday School 9 Feb 10am
Girls' Brigade 11 Feb 5.45pm
Play Group 13 Feb 10am
All Welcome

Every day throughout the world,
people are reading the same Bible passage.
The app is available from Google Play and
Apple app. An amazing use of technology!

For a full list of events and activities, see the calendar at the back of this month's newsletter.